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Minimum Requirements:

Oculus DK2 (VR)

Fast Computer

1 or 2 hits


…and automagically receive the beta version of


Current Funding Goal: $200

– add quality settings –

  • $

Funding Goals:

  • $200 – Quality Settings
  • $1000 – Global Leaderboard
  • $2,000 – Mobile Version
  • $6,000 – cuBLITERATE 2
  • $100,000,000 cuBLITERATE Land begins construction
  • …More to come soon…


“Wow! Better drop a fat load before you play so you don’t shit your pants!”

-No one ever

“cuBLITERATE is hands down the best game ever made.”

-Matthew Wachter

“Meh, it was mediocre at best. Flappy Bird would make a better VR experience.”

-General public opinion